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We are a professional
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With over 15 years of experience in the renovations and construction industry, Uthando Renovations is the ideal partner for any job. Our highly skilled team is made up of dedicated people who take pride in their craft.

About Uthando Renovations

About Uthando Renovations

Gerry and Dana are a passionate husband and wife team who are knowledgable and skilled contractors.
Together they are Uthando Renovations.

The name Uthando Renovation comes from Gerry and Dana’s love for the work they do.

In isiZulu, uthando means love, which is exactly how Gerry and Dana feel about creating something new and beautiful for their clients.

About Uthando RenovationAbout Uthando Renovations

What Uthando has to offer

We offer a complete solution when it comes to renovations or construction. Our offering includes tiling, metalwork, steelwork, painting, plumbing, cabinetry, woodwork, flooring and landscaping. We also offer electrical work and estate management and maintenance.

Uthando Renovations

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